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THe Pearl alliance


A sustainable ocean rescue and renewal project

We’re bringing together the power of art, Web3, and the social imagination to create Pearl Tokens: NFTs that reward acquirers with original art and a sustainably cultivated Tahitian pearl, with proceeds going directly to ocean renewal programs.

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Pearl Token NFTs

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Together, we have the power to change our planet’s future. 

Pearl Tokens are energy-responsible NFTs created by artists and inventors. In spring of 2022, we will offer our first-generation batch, a rare collection of 888 tokens. Proceeds will go directly to ocean rescue and renewal programs.

Each Pearl Token will be matched to an oyster whose seeded pearl will be harvested in May, 2022. Pearl Token holders will be able to redeem their NFT for a Tahitian pearl, lovingly cultivated in French Polynesia by famed sustainable pearl farm, Kamoka Pearls.

Pearl Tokens are collectible, tradable, and resellable on open markets like

Filter the ocean

Oysters and other bivalves filter the water – naturally, in measurable ways.

protect fish populations

Kamoka Pearls is located in a no-fishing zone. That means the pearl farm area acts a fish nursery that can spill over to other areas outside the farm.

replace less beneficial activities

Pearl farming supports the community financially, such that no fishing or other activities take place. Result: both corals and fish are free to thrive.

reduce carbon emissions

Mangroves and sea grasses around the farm are protected, forming an important carbon sink. 

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